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ACRA announces the release of its joint research project with Golden Credit Rating on the bond markets of Russia and China

On February 21, 2019, ACRA will present the analytical research it prepared in cooperation with the analysts of Golden Credit Rating, ACRA’s partner agency in China. The research will be presented at the “Russian-Chinese mACRAtrends” conference organized by ACRA and the RSPP Commission on Banks and Banking.

The uniqueness of this analytical work is that for the first time, a comparative analysis of the Russian and Chinese bond markets has been conducted, taking into account the experience gained by one of the leading rating agencies in China. The detailed study of the bond markets of these two countries identifies, in particular, similar trends and development prospects, as well as determines the role of regulators in the context of finding a balance between stimulating market development and preventing excessive risk concentration. As a result, we have a clearer picture of the debt markets of Russia and China that can be effectively used in the process of assessing the credit risks of counterparties.

“Expanded cooperation between Russia and China, as well as the search for new mutual growth paths, are among today's most pressing issues for both countries. In this context, we see growing demand for credit analysis expertise that takes into account country-specific attributes. We are pleased to emphasize that due to the competence of ACRA’s team and the active collaboration of our Chinese partners at Golden Credit, we can meet this market demand,” noted Vincent Truglia, member of ACRA’s Board of Directors. “Our research on the Russian and Chinese bond markets, with its detailed comparative analysis of both markets, provides a foundation for the creation of a solid analytical base, which further develops the Russia-China partnership.”

“We have seen great potential in our work with ACRA, as the economies of China and Russia are highly complementary in various prospects of cooperation. Our comprehensive strategic work with ACRA, Russia’s most important credit rating agency, will be mutually beneficial not only in promoting exchange and cooperation in the financial sphere of both countries, but also in providing intelligence as well as objective, independent research,” commented Stella Chang, Head of international Business at Golden Credit Rating. “The exchange program demonstrates great success in international technological and informational cooperation. The program is sustainable and both parties will continue to focus on research and the collaboration of rating techniques and methodologies, as well as enhance the interconnection and reinforcement of the credit rating position in the Chinese and Russian markets.”

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