Training on SF, June 15–16

ACRA continues enrollment for its Bank Training on June 6-7

ACRA is continuing enrollment for its training on the fundamentals of credit analysis of banks and non-banking credit institutions, which will take place on June 6-7, 2019 (

The training will be of interest to those who work, or plan to work, with the risk assessment of banks, licensing and microfinance companies, the analysis of the debt market, or risk management in financial organizations. ACRA’s experts will discuss the main principles and instruments of credit analysis that will help participants conduct structured and sound analyses of banks and other financial institutions. Participants will also learn about the most relevant trends in the banking sphere and, along with ACRA’s experts, thoroughly analyze the latest significant cases of bankruptcy in financial institutions.

“One of the advantages of ACRA’s Bank Training is the hands-on experience that participants will receive, analyzing real default situations based on the theoretical knowledge covered,” notes Alexey Bredikhin, Director of ACRA’s Financial Institutions Ratings Group. “An important factor is the fact that ACRA’s analysts regularly analyze information for trainings using years of experience in the field of credit analysis. Therefore, participants receive the most relevant information in the market. They will learn to understand key factors and how to interpret them, as well as how to determine the risks of various financial debt instruments. Those who already have experience in the field of credit analysis can hone their skills by mastering the principles of structured approach and by studying the latest trends in the industry.”

The training is intended for a group of up to 17 attendees and will be held over two days (16 academic hours). Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion. The attendance fee is RUB 45,000 per person plus VAT. The entire list of ACRA trainings is available at To enroll, please contact Maksim Ivakaev, tel. +7 (495) 139 04 80, ext. 164 or email

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