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This section contains research and forecast materials produced by ACRA. Unrestricted access to macroeconomic and industry forecasts used in assigning ratings ensures the rating process transparency.

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TitleSectorDocument TypeDate
Russian air carriers awaiting next take-off
Russian air passenger market 2022 outlook
Higher share of short-term borrowings has not increased financial instability in Kazakhstan
Financial stability in Kazakhstan
SovereignsAnalytical comment19.03.2018
Tougher operational environment to hinder Russian banks in generating higher earnings
Russian banking sector 2021 outlook
Corporate sector to drive surpluses of regional budgets, and federal center to save overleveraged regions
2017 regional budgets execution overview
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch22.02.2018
Debt relationships structure may restrain development and growth in Russia
Debt market map
Sovereign and sub-sovereign, Financial institutionsResearch14.02.2018
Debt of Russian regions to remain expensive
Prospects for refinancing public debt of Russian regions
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch25.01.2018
Large businesses migrate towards bond market
Large Russian corporate business debt analysis
Kazakhstan’s financial system is becoming more stable but imbalances remain
Structural Financial Stress Index for Kazakhstan
Financial institutionsAnalytical comment20.12.2017
Lower interest rates to force banks to alter their funding structure
Changes in resource base of Russian banks: key trends and projections
Kazakhstan’s accelerating economy will also support inflation
Kazakhstan economy: 2021 outlook
Corporates, Financial institutions, SovereignsForecast12.12.2017
Stagnant net interest margin to hold back creditworthiness of Russian banks
Analysis of NIM dynamics in the Russian banking sector
Lower interest rates to drive demand for MIFs
Russian collective investments market research
Financial institutionsResearch23.11.2017


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Senior Director, Head of Research and Forecasting Group
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